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Scholars Academy, established in the year 2011, was a fruit of the vision of Mr. Jagmohan Singh Negi​. Scholars Academy is a co-educational school which is affiliated to CBSE, having students of varying backgrounds from different parts of the states. Our environment is such which encourages a questioning mind and gives students many avenues for expressing their creativity and building their skills in various ways.

Scholars Academy School’s method for learning spins around the kids. The kid’s interest, experience, voice and feeling are what make a difference to us the most. Our main goal as folks and guides is to empower our kids to understand their potential, outfit their gifts and make their fantasies work out as expected,
With the goal of granting instruction where learning will have no limits, a gathering of givers established the Shri Bali Singh Educational Society. To satisfy the destinations of the society, a play school and grade school began in the year 2011 in Kotdwara with the name Scholars Academy.
At Scholars Academy we set high standards for learning and have high expectations of our students both in behavior and performance. We expect all students to do their best, no matter what ability level they have. We expect all students to uphold the good name of the school and our reputation in the community.

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It is our belief that the quality and nature of a child’s early experiences in life lays the foundation and brain architecture for all the learning and behaviour which follows. At Scholars Academy, we admire our role to deliver cheerful,comprehensive, child-centric and appropriate learning experiences at this demanding stage of a child’s life.< Read More


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“The power of inspiration – Inspiration is the light that transform rain into rainbow

Education at Scholars academy is about drawing out each child abilities, and giving them the support and confidence they needs. As a leading educational institution, we provide a stimulating, enriching and empowering education for children from a wide range of backgrounds. This provision of public benefit extends beyond the school community, and represents our vision for the future. read more...

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