“Bachpan … a play school”

We, Bachpan.. Our play school is a flagship brand of S.K. Educations Pvt. Ltd. and is amongst the top 5 preschools in India, as within a span of 10 years our network of branches have grown to more than 1000+ schools across the nation and is still growing. Our Playgroups are exercised with early development of children and introducing them to systematic learning through a structured and innovative way.

Formation of Bachpan

After thorough research done on national and international teaching methodologiesexperimented and tested. We follow unique teaching techniques which include several activities for learning while having fun.
At Bachpan, our teams along with our schools are dedicated in ensuring that our students are provided with an environment which is conducive to catalyze child’s physical, cerebral, emotional and social development. Our team of educationists ensures that entire criteria of preschool education is directed and organised, powers the strength of Bachpan along with vastly researched curriculum,exemplary infrastructure and a teaching methodology that is at par with all-embracing standards.

Amidst competent preschools, here are some of the defining and crucial factors that make Bachpan stand out:
Concept Rooms:​ Concept rooms at Bachpan like Art & Craft Room, Gym Room, Doll Room, A/V room etc. helps students to learn different concepts based on activities which are specifically conducted in these rooms.
Prismart:​ Our smart class is uniquely designed mapping 100% content of the preschool syllabus based on 3D HD interactive modules to get into the depth of topics covered in the classroom.
Speak-O-Book & Pen:​ It is a set of a pen & books that are uniquely designed to speak. It is an advance technology developed for making students capable of learning by listening and repeating on their own. These technically printed books can read the images, lessons, exercises etc. with lyrics and music just by dabbing on the book’s pages with the pen.