Scholars Academy, is a co-educational school, which was built with an aim to achieve parallel academic excellence with personality development of the child.

A co-educational upbringing helps you explore both the female and male perspectives and this is a very important learning experience for all. Following this, helps them learn that “equality” does not mean “uniformity”- that men and women often have different perspectives and opinions on the same issues and that each approach has its own significance and value.

This helps your child to understand equal opportunities and also helps every child to optimise his or her potential for building their self-esteem and sense of community. Here are some of the illustrious benefits that our co-education has. They are:

  • Open up Opportunities: ​Opening up of opportunities to a much wider audience.
  • Enhance Academic Standard: ​The fresh perspective and moral compass that each gender brings to an English or Ethics of science discussion
  • Enrich The Pastoral System: ​Our co-educational system gives pupils careful understanding of mutual respect and understanding which is required for relationships throughout their life.
  • Build on our Position of Strength: ​Excellent schools are excellent precisely because they are continue to develop and grow.

Our students benefit from an alike balance of male and female teaching faculty and the diverse association here works accurately because of mutual respect between students and an appreciation of the right attitudes towards race and sexualit