“Hands on authentic learning experiences a place where learning is exciting

The kind of world we live in tomorrow depends – not partially-but entirely upon the type and quality of education of our children today’- Our highly skilled staff work together to develop and impart an integrated curriculum.

Healthy Body & Healthy Mind :

Sports in all forms is incredibly popular and successful at Scholars Academy. The traditional sports too get an equally enthusiastic response from our students. Students are kept in good trim to enable them to make their mark in different competitions and matches in which they participate. The school follows a careful planned system of physical culture comprising major games, sports, yoga, drill & marching. Besides a provision of all these in the regular time table, the school offers coaching and practice sessions in games and sports. This is open to every student of the school.

Music & Dance:

Self Defense:

Aerobics & Yoga:

Educational Tours & Day outs:

Art & Crafts:

Smart Learning

The use of co-operative learning structures in the SMART TECH CLASSROOM, brings learning to life for the students.The curriculum vision of Scholars Academy is guided by-

CBIL (Concept Based Integrated Learning)

VBIL (Value Based Integrated Learning)

TIE(Theatre in Education)

AIE (Art in Education)