Health Check-Up Camp In Scholars Academy

Health Check-up Camp At Scholars Academy

cholars Academy recently organized a health check-up camp for people. The camp was held in collaboration with Oscar Medicare Pvt Ltd and was aimed at providing basic medical check-ups to identify any underlying health problems and to promote awareness about health among the school community. We received top-notch medical care and advice from expert professionals.

The health check-up camp was conducted on 30 March 2023, and students from all grades were invited to participate. The medical staff from the hospital set up a temporary clinic in the school premises and conducted a range of medical examinations.

The camp was a huge success, with a large number of people, students, teachers, and staff members participating in the check-ups. Many students were found to have health problems that they were not aware of, such as high blood pressure or elevated blood sugar levels. These students were advised to seek further medical attention, and the school provided them with the necessary support and guidance.





The health check-up camp was a great initiative by Scholars Academy in Kotdwar (Uttarakhand) as it helped to promote awareness about health among the school community and identified health problems early on. It is important for schools to organize such events regularly to ensure that students, teachers, and staff members are healthy and happy.

In conclusion, Scholars Academy’s health check-up camp was a great success, and we hope that more schools follow this example and organize such events in the future. It is important to prioritize health and well-being, and such camps can go a long way in promoting good health practices among the school community.

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