To Inspire. To Strive. To Excel.

UCMAS is a combination of an ancient teaching tool and a modern instructional expertise combines to stimulate child development and whole brain development while promoting learning and math in particular, also making it fun and exciting. UCMAS is much more than just developing numerical skills. The using of Math as a medium and Abacus as a tool, this program helps develop basic cognitive skills and cognitive executive functions of your child.

Cognitive skills​ are the core skills which your brain uses to think, learn, read, remember, reason and pay attention. Working together, they take incoming information and move it to the bank of knowledge that your child uses every day at school, and in life.

UCMAS uses myriad of cognitive skill development techniques like:

  • ● Perception
  • ● Speed Writing
  • ● Flash Cards
  • ● Listening Exercises
  • ● Basic Exercises etc

This makes sure that your child develops these skills rapidly in the beginning of life and build on them progressively throughout grade school. These decisive skills helps your child to process sensitive information and slowly learn to evaluate, analyze, remember and make comparisons etc.

The UCMAS program improves math skills and promotes whole brain thinking with:
  • Thinking in Pictures​: Students boost memory power through visualization by holding numbers in their mind whilst handling the Abacus.
  • A Flash of Brilliance​: An image of the beads is created by the students on their visual Abacus with the help of flash cards. Each student who completes the UCMAS program will have memorized images.
  • The Need for Speed​: Speed training not only encourages children to listen attentively and respond to questions quickly but also helps in sharpening focus and concentration.
  • Developing Mathematical Concepts​: Learning the physical or virtual beads of the Abacus that helps students with a new frame of reference to develop mathematical concepts.

  • Understanding math through the Abacus inspires new perspectives. Pupils learn to subtract by adding; to multiply without multiplying; to perform long divisions in their head faster than most people can.